Do I need a financial planner?

Seeking the advice of financial experts to guide you towards a better retirement plan is completely a personal choice. Some are good in taking such decisions and making a life plan themselves and most are not. That’s why the other part of the public choose to consult financial planners in Mumbai.
With that in mind, one must seek advice of financial planners or advisors in the following scenarios:
  • You fear you will may not have enough money in retirement. This is the most common concern among people. Am I saving enough? Do I have enough? What ROI is being given to me? How much should be saved and invested to have a secure retirement?
  • You believe that a structured retirement income strategy would be more beneficial. For some, it is more beneficial to have a secure concrete plan regarding future goals and finances. This type of structured plan includes, the part of savings and investment you would be using first after retirement, the part of your asset that would be secured for later, and what (if anything at all) would be passes to your family members.
  • You want professional advice regarding proper investment choices for and in retirement. Some people want to focus more on making good investment choices and secure money for retirement, rather than having a retirement income plan.
  • You want to ensure you have a secure financial future. People who seek out professional financial advice do so out of fear of the future, and others consult them to rest assure that they are prepared for the future.